Tourism License in Dubai, UAE

A valid Tourism License is required for the companies and establishments that operate in the travel and tourism sector of Dubai and UAE. As Dubai is a thriving tourist destination, the demand for Tourism License in Dubai is growing every year. Those who are planning to start a tourism business in Dubai need to obtain a tourism license in Dubai. In Dubai, three types of tourism licenses are available.

  • Inbound tourism license
  • Outbound tourism license
  • Travel agency license as a travel agent

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Travel and tourism sector in Dubai

Apart from an innovation and technology hub, Dubai is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Asia. Dubai’s geographical location serves in a great way to attract revenue from Tourism related activities. Dubai serves as a connectivity hub for tourists who travel from the west to east and vice versa. Tourists from the west travel to Africa and Asia via Dubai. Hence the Connectivity factor associated with Dubai is huge. By 2020, it is predicted that the passenger movement through Dubai International Airport would reach 75 million.

Travel and Tourism sector has a significant contribution towards UAE’s GDP figures. Based on 2016 statistics, the total contribution was AED 150 billion – GDP’s 12.1%. The sector supports more than 300,000 direct jobs in the UAE – 5.4% of overall employment.

Several initiatives have been launched by the UAE Government in the Travel and Tourism sector. The initiatives are launched in different Emirates and some of them are Abu Dhabi Sustainable Tourism, Dubai Tourism Strategy 2020 etc.

The skyscraper wonder, Burj Khalifa in Dubai alone attracts nearly 2 million visitors every year. And yes, Dubai has a lot to offer in Travel and Tourism for investors all around the world.

Who should apply for a Tourism License

Here are the business establishments that require a valid Tourism License for operation in Dubai and UAE.

  • Travel firms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Car rental firms
  • Travel agents
How to start a travel enterprise in Dubai?

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is in charge of the travel and Tourism license issuance. And hence you need to approach the same agency in order to set up a travel and tourism enterprise in Dubai. When it comes to travel and tourism, 3 different types of licenses are issued based on the operation. And they are listed below:

  • Inbound Tourism operation license
  • Outbound Tourism operation license
  • Travel agent license

Each license has its own features, benefits and drawbacks. Kindly read on to understand the 3 type of licenses.

Inbound Tour license

Organizations intending to direct Inbound The travel industry exercises should have an Inbound The travel industry activity permit. All Inbound visit administrators are expected to have a similar permit. An Inbound visit permit holder can lead visit and touring exercises inside the constraints of Dubai. The inbound visit administrator can organize visit programs related with occasions and gatherings. One more compulsory prerequisite is an insurance contract to manage travel-related vulnerabilities. The approach will be substantial for the full term of the permit.

Outbound Tour license

Both inbound and outbound tour operation in Dubai shall be possible with an Outbound Tour License. This means that tour operators can arrange tour programs beyond the limits of Dubai – which is not in the case of Inbound License. The Outbound license holder has the added advantage of conducting international meetings and conferences. The insurance policy requirement is mandatory for Outbound License too. The validity of the policy covers the full term of the license. The bank guarantee amount of Outbound Tour License exceeds Inbound Tour License amount.

Travel agent license

Travel planner permit is expected for travel planners who include in exercises like visa support, travel convenience, visit and touring tasks, transportation, air ticket deals and so on. The requirements for the Travel Planner Permit is equivalent to Outbound and Inbound Licenses. Nonetheless, there is an extra necessity. Division of Common Avionics’ NOC or No Complaint Testament is obligatory for the permit issuance. To apply for a NOC, a solicitation letter in Arabic for the benefit of the nearby support is vital.

Documents needed to acquire Tourism License in Dubai

Since Dubai is a tourist hub, getting a tourism license in Dubai is not a complicated procedure if you follow the necessary steps accurately. Given below are the essential documents needed to obtain a tourism license in Dubai so that you can set up your travel and tourism business.

  • Application form
  • Applicant’s passport (copy)
  • Proof of educational and professional qualification of manager
  • The Company owner and the manager should produce a certificate that endorses no criminal record.
  • Civil Aviation Authority’s NOC.
  • Attested document supporting office space of 30 Sq.m
Tour guide license

A tour guide is someone who guides and accompanies the tourists to important tourist destinations or places of interest in Dubai. The tour guide should have an in-depth knowledge of the tourist spots and good insight into the culture and history of the Emirates. And the job requires a valid Tour Guide License. Here are the rules and regulations associated with Tour Guide License in Dubai.

DTCM issues the Tour guide license badge. The badge is mandatory for any tour guide to operating in Dubai.

The applicant should appear for Tour Guide Award program and complete it successfully.

The validity of the tour guide license is 1 year.

The license has a yearly renewal. The license renewal can be accomplished only when the tour guide appears for the DTCM-approved annual refresher program.

If license renewal is not done for 2 successive years, the tour guide shall be liable to face the penalty stated by DTCM.

A valid license badge is mandatory for employment purposes.

Benefits of acquiring Tourism License

Procure The travel industry Permit through. There are many advantages that we guarantee.

The movement organization can offer visit visas, direct air ticket deals Lead directed visits and other the travel industry arranged exercises Set up global gatherings, meeting and occasions.

Advance the travel industry exercises inside and outside the nation Help you in finding a suitable office space for your visit firm. Deliberately plays out the whole travel permit documentation. Deliberate office level coordination.

The movement and the travel industry area in Dubai is seeing colossal interests as of late. Furthermore, yes – it’s a thriving area. Take full advantage of the mechanical and framework headway of Dubai and contribute shrewdly. The Dubai World Exhibition 2020 is supposed to create huge income for the Travel industry area. Any counsel, ideas or meeting in regards to The travel industry permit in Dubai, go ahead and contact us Business Arrangement Administrations.

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