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Brand Insurance administrations are intended to protect the Licensed innovation of business foundations or people and involve Modern property and Copyright works; Brand names, Developments, and so on go under Modern Property. Create Biz brand assurance administrations in Dubai and UAE incorporate administrations connected with Brand names, Licenses, Proprietary advantages, Brand names and so on go under Modern Property. Show-stopper that requires innovative information sources like abstract and imaginative endeavors go under Copyright.

Licensed innovation must be shielded from unapproved replicating, duplication, and encroachment. Brand security provides the business with a feeling of confirmation as the specific IP is shielded from infringers and other criminal operations. Infringement of the IP privileges is considered as a break of regulation. Brand security in Dubai assists with protecting the standing of your business or brand. Simultaneously, it safeguards the income acquired by the business foundation.

Create Biz administrations for brand assurance in Dubai and UAE are the quality help to shield the clients' organizations from encroachment and duplication. Being one of the most experienced and proficient Brand Assurance Organization in UAE, we give quality brand security administrations concerning the enrollment of the Brand name, Copyright, Proprietary advantages, Brand insurance, and so on. Create Biz offers comprehensive brand security administrations in Dubai and UAE that help our clients to enroll property privileges and screen their image, identifying the infringement of licensed innovation freedoms and decreasing the financial effect of brand misuse and robbery.

Copyright registration

Artistic, intellectual and literary works require copyright registration to protect them from infringement. Unauthorized duplication or copying of the original work is considered copyright infringement in legal terms. A long list of creative, intellectual and artistic works come under the copyright category. And some of them are books, software, plays, lectures, architectural drawings, paintings, works of photography, maps, and derivative works. Copyright registration is carried out by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE.

Trademark registration

A trademark is often associated with the name of a brand, product or service. A trademark is intended to protect the brands from unauthorized duplication that leads to the circulation of counterfeit products. A trademark helps to recognize a particular commodity or its source. It also helps differentiate an original product from a counterfeit product. A wide range of trademarks are used for the purpose of Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and the most common ones are words, logos, pictures, hallmarks, and names. Trademark registration is carried out by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE.

Patent registration

A patent registration is applicable to inventions and has scientific relevance. If an original idea leads to a novel invention or an existing invention is upgraded in an innovative manner irrespective of the field, the individual or entity responsible for the same is granted a Patent. The invention or upgrade is granted patent only if it has a scientific foundation and industrial application. The authority in charge of trademark registration in the UAE is the International Centre for Patent registration (ICPR) that comes under the Ministry of Economy.

Trade secrets registration

Trade secrets come under Intellectual property (IP) and they are mostly employed by businesses whose unique selling preposition remains undisclosed. A Trade secret is usually a distinct formula, process or a recipe that a business establishment employs in the production of their brand. The trade secret serves as the unique formula and is shared only among the most trusted few. The UAE laws allow trade secret protection for devices, recipes, processes, design works and many more. There is no formal trade secret registration procedure as in the case of other IPs.

A Trade secret is generally defined by the internal rules and practices of the company. Kiltons Trade secret services will provide the necessary legal inputs and guidance in the process of defining the Trade secret and its terms and conditions.

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