E Trader License in Dubai

E trader license is meant for home-based individuals or entrepreneurs who sell products and services via social media platforms like Instagram. Department of Economic Development (DED) introduced the E- trader license in Dubai to regulate the sales of online commodities sold via social media websites. This regulation helps to curb the sales of fake goods and commodities over social media. The licensing also serves as a confidence booster for the customers or buyers who engage in online purchase via various social media platforms. By getting an e-trader license in Dubai, you can engage in offering products or services for sale on social platforms.

If you are planning to work from home using social media platforms and don’t want to hire an office, then an e-trader license in Dubai is the ideal solution to flourish your business. While the Dubai e-trader license allows you to do online business in Dubai, to sell your products or services in other Emirates, you need to get separate approval from the respective DED authorities.

Who should apply for an E trader license in Dubai?

The individuals and home-business endeavours who endorse and sell products online via websites or social media can apply for an E trader license.

All online sales via a valid social media account require an E-trader license. This applies to mothers and house-wives who stay at home and engage in the sales of hand-made items, fashion apparels, jewellery, and other goods and services via various online platforms.

E-trader license in Dubai is applicable for the home-business endeavours for whom office space requirement is not mandatory as Ejari documentation is irrelevant here.

E-trader license is applicable for freelancers who offer various online services. A Home-based business owned by a single individual that does not necessitate a local partner can apply for an E trader license in Dubai.

E trader license is applicable for sale of goods and commodities via E-commerce websites. It is mandatory for the license applicant to be either a UAE national or a GCC national. Other than UAE and GCC nationals, foreign expats of certain other nationalities are also allowed to apply for the license.

The applicant should reside in Dubai and should satisfy the minimum age requirement of 21 to apply for the E trader license.

Benefits of E trader license in Dubai

Acquiring an e-trader license in Dubai offers several benefits for those individuals who want to legally sell or promote products and services through various social media channels including Instagram, Facebook or on a personal website. Other than this, an e-trader license in Dubai provides several other benefits including:

E- trader licensing instils customer confidence and promotes trouble-free online sales.

Licensing brings legitimacy and authenticity to online trading and E-commerce.

E trader license gives an individual the legal authority to market or sell a product via various online platforms like websites and other social media platforms.

Home-based business entrepreneurs get a wonderful opportunity to take part in events and exhibitions and showcase their products and commodities.

The license holder can sell the product via various E-commerce websites like Souq.com

The license holders can benefit by participating in the E trader training program conducted by the DED.

The license safeguards Intellectual property and trade name

E- trader license – facts to remember

The E- trader license is Emirate-specific. This means that the E- trader license issued in Dubai cannot be used for trading in other Emirates. If you have plans to sell a product to other Emirates, you need to seek separate approval from concerned DEDs. And for this, you need to acquire another E- trader license.

UAE and GCC nationals can engage in both commercial and professional trading via social media accounts. This means that they are allowed to sell physical goods and commodities along with services via social media platforms. There are certain restrictions for expat entrepreneurs in connection with online sales. Expat entrepreneurs are not allowed to engage in commercial trading but can offer professional services.

The eligibility for license issuance and the type of trading activity is dependent on the nationality of the expat entrepreneur. The information regarding these will be revealed during license registration.

How to apply for E trader licence in Dubai,UAE

The E trader license registration is a simple and straight-forward process. You may pursue the same via registering in the DED Trader website.

Visit the DED Trader website and create an account. Furnish your details regarding social media account. Pay the license fee after registration.

The Dubai E Trader license fee is AED 1070. It is mandatory to renew the license annually.

Take advantage of the immense E- Commerce potential of Dubai. For doubts and queries regarding the E trader license in Dubai, please get in touch with Kiltons business setup consultants.

Purpose of E Trader License in UAE

Social media has opened opportunities to explore business ideas sitting at homes too. While using social media as the platform for business, people will not have to spend exorbitant amounts in setting up the business and marketing the products. They can spread the word about the business through social media platforms effectively. It will act as both a marketing tool and an interface between the business owner and the buyer.

The E trader license UAE was introduced to regulate the business activities happening over social media platforms. You must have an e-trader license to commence business through social media. The authority has formulated a process for issuance of the subject license. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authorized agency to pursue applications and issue the license. It is called a DED Trader license or simply Trader License.

Initially, the e-trading license was limited to Emiratis and GCC nationals staying Dubai only. Viewing the growing request from emigrants, the authority decided to extend the e-trader license option to expats too. An expat, above 21 years of age, staying in Dubai can apply for the license. It generated enthusiasm among the expatriate community in the country. However, the restrictions imposed on expats have created confusion.

There are two types of e trading license in Dubai, viz. Commercial License and Professional License. Although an Emirati or the GCC personnel can apply for both the licenses, an expat can apply for the professional license only. This limits the business functions of expats to rendering professional services like make-up artists, modelling photography etc. Expatriates cannot trade, or manufacture and sell products.

Discuss your e-trader license today with our professional team. We can give you expert advice on the DED trader license and carry out the official process on behalf of you.

Documents Required for E Trading License in Dubai and Estimated Cost

You have to attach the relevant documents proving your place of address, age, residency detail etc. to DED for obtaining the E trading license in Dubai and UAE. You are permitted to open a shop with the license. The license is for promoting businesses operating from residences. If you are thinking of setting up a company in Dubai, the procedure, the license and the eligibility criteria are different.
The documents required for the e trading license in Dubai are:

  • Must be located in Dubai and must have a valid Emirates ID
  • The minimum applicable age is 21
  • Register the trade name with the authorities. And the approval has to be attached with the application
  • Proof of residence (Makani number). However, Ejari is not necessary

You can get a UAE e-trader license issued within 3 to 5 business days. The payment has to be made to the authority within 24 hours of the issuance of the payment voucher. A Dubai Chamber of Commerce membership is compulsory for commencing commercial business activities. The license is issued for one year. It has to be renewed annually, within one month of the due date.

Cost of E Trader License in Dubai
  • E trader license – AED 1070
  • E-trader Commercial License – AED 1370 (including AED 300 for Dubai Chamber of Commerce membership)

The E-trading license is suitable for all those people, who want to utilize their idle time to personal development through business. You can achieve financial stability through optimally exploiting the opportunity.

The trader license is suitable for
  • Spouses staying at home
  • Professionals, who don’t want to spend much money on setting up a firm, but want to use their talent
  • Testing the success probability before entering the full-fledged business
  • To use free time and set up a side business
  • Professionals employed in other jobs, wanting to take up their passion as a side business
  • Newbies experimenting with new business ideas
  • To check the entrepreneurial skills

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